Transportation Happenings – May 18, 2017

Source: Robert E. (Bob) Griffin
The following “Transportation Happenings” happened during the past week that you may find of interest.
1. As a sign of the times, two very large Containerships (but far from the largest) called at the Ports of Vancouver, BC and Norfolk, VA.
2. As an indication of Alliance Sizes, two of the Alliances alone represent 72 Service Loops with 563 Ships.
3. President Trump is indicating there may soon be a rise in the gasoline/diesel oil Federal Tax hopefully to be used for road/bridge infrastructure only. If this happens it will be first rise since 1993.
4. Maersk Line first Quarter 2017 Profits were a Loss of $66 Million versus a $37 Million Profit in 2016.
5. Yang Ming had a Loss of $29 Million in the 1st Quarter 2017 but that was a 75% improvement over the previous Year.
6. Sign of the times: American Shipper Magazine today shared an article about a new proposed battery operated Norwegian Feeder Vessel which could certainly become useful in some of our domestic trade lanes such as NY – Boston or Norfolk – Baltimore.
7. An article in today’s Wall Street Journal depicts the apparent glut which presently exists in the Used Big Truck Market.