Transportation Happenings – June 12

The following “Transportation Happenings” occurred during the past week that you may find of interest:

  1. As previously reported, early reports on the FMCSA Portal show that all our Terminals did quite well on this past week’s Roadcheck 2017.
  2. The Panama Canal has given notice that they plan to lower the tolls charged on Containerships.  This may become a factor in additional Far East to East Coast traffic which will benefit us.
  3. There are now 36 ships in the West Coast to Asia swing that are sized over 13,000 TEU.   None of the ships though are the so-called MegaShips in the 18,000 TEU and over class.
  4. The Bayonne Bridge has now been certified to allow vessels requiring at least 215 of “air-draft” (vertical clearance) under the bridge.  This will open up many more of the Port of NY/NJ’s Container Terminals to the large classes of vessels.
  5. Attachment #1 is an article written by Ron Katims.  Mr. Katims started in the ocean container industry very early.  He became VP of Sea-Land for Engineering and a “go-to” man for Malcolm McLean who may consider the man who gave birth to container transportation.  I personally worked with Mr. Katims for 10 years and subsequently worked for him in a Consulting role in Brazil for two years.
  6. Attachment #2 points out that the Trump Department of Labor has rescinded the Department of Labor Memorandum from the Obama Administration.