Transportation Happenings – July 3, 2017

Here are a few “Transportation Happenings” from last week that we thought you might find of interest.

  1. The attached article from today’s Wall Street Journal provides more information on the cyberattack on Maersk that we’d reported previously. [click for more]
  2. The Port of Jacksonville had several “happenings” this past week:
    • They announced that they will appropriate the money to be combined with funding from the Corps of Engineers to dredge the channel from the ocean up to Blount Island to a 47 Foot Depth.
    • Further because of both water and air draft problems, MOL’s Terminal will be re-located to Blount Island.
    • Two container cranes have been re-located to the Talleyrand Docks of Crowley Maritime where all of their activities will be centered in the future.
  1. COSCO has agreed to purchase 14 new containerships with 6 of them to be so-called MegaShips (18 -20,000 TEUs).  This means extra capacity which lowers prices, so we hope to hear of tonnage to be scrapped as well.
  2. Good news for HapagLloyd:  Standard & Poors (S&P) has confirmed they have removed HapagLloyd from their CreditWatch list and upgraded its credit rating after its merger with UASC to B+.
  3. APL has launched a container service to Hawaii.
  4. The National Academy of Science (NAS) has published a study that recommends several improvements to the CSA rating system.  Comments were requested and, I already have submitted that Clean Inspections should be counted in a heavier manner and, that a Peer Group should be established for Owner-Operators and hopefully O/Os specifically draying intermodal equipment.