Transportation Happenings – July 23, 2017

The following “Transportation Happenings” occurred during the past week that you may find of interest.

  1. Senator John McCain has reintroduced Legislation to either do away with or amend the Jones Act.  This Act requires all cargoes carried between U. S. Ports must be done so on U. S. Flagged Ships built in U. S. Shipyards.  This reintroduction was undoubtedly done prior to Senator McCain’s recent health problems which may mean the Legislation will not be effectively followed.
  2. The North American Chassis Pool is launching a “Premium” Chassis Pool in New Orleans.  “Premium” chassis are supposedly better maintained and equipped with a major factor being radial tires.
  3. The Port of Los Angeles handles 9.2 Million TEUs during the Year Ending June 30, 2017.  This was a 9.7% increase over the same period last Year.
  4. The MSC ALICE has been seized in Somalia for supposedly dragging its anchor across an underwater cable which severed the entire Country’s internet.
  5. The USCG and Alaska’s Department of Environmental Control has prevented a near disaster in Alaska.  The LAURA MAERSK while steering a great circle route which put it close to the Aleutian Islands lost power and was near going aground when it was taken under tow.  The ship had over 4000 TEU and 51,000 gallons of pollutants on board.
  6.  the OOCL BERLIN with 13,201 TEUs on board sailed under the Bayonne Bridge and into Maher Terminal in Port Elizabeth, New Jersey.  She became the largest ship to do so to date for the Port of NY/NJ.