Transportation Happenings – October 21, 2017

Last week there were some interesting “Transportation Happenings:”
1. Two Los Angeles City Council members have put forward a motion that would effectively bar trucking companies that do not treat their drivers as employees from doing business at the Port of Los Angeles. (see attached)
2. Maersk’s COO stated in a recent media briefing that as the industry continues its growth, we can expect more mergers and acquisitions. (See attached)
3. The Ports of LA/LBC Commissions are meeting to make Clean Air Rules more stringent, which many expect to drive cargo to other West Coast Ports, Canada and Mexico.
4. Senator Corker (R-TN) (who is not up for re-election) wants to do away with the proviso that 50% of export food aid must be carried in U. S. Flagged Vessels, calling the provision ‘ridiculous’.
5. The distinct possibility exists that the three parties to the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) (US, Canada, Mexico) may fail to come to an agreement resulting in the U.S. withdrawing and then attempting to negotiate two party agreements individually with Canada and Mexico.