Transportation Happenings – December 20, 2017

The following “Transportation Happenings” occurred during the past week that you may find of interest.
1. The “Trucking Conditions Index” reveals that the market is presently tilted heavily in the Carrier’s favor. The Index spiked in October and should continue in 2018

2. More than 400,000 Freightliner and Western Star Trucks have been recalled. Daimler Trucks announced approximately 436,000 Model Year 2008 – 2018 Freightliner Cascadia and Western Star 4700 4900, 5700 and 6900 Model Trucks manufactured between March 2007 and October 2017 are affected by the brake light recall. Apparently after a hard braking the brake light pressure switch may not work properly thereafter on light applications of the brake pedal. Notifications will start to go out in January 2018 for the free repair.

3. In the Port of Charleston a Port Drayage Company (Container Maintenance Corporation Logistics) has voted to join Teamsters Local 509. This Company drays containers between the Port and the Railyard in North Charleston.

4. Neither Companies nor Owner-Operators will have their CSA Scores affected by ELD Violations until April 1, 2018. This does not mean that all Log Violations are in abeyance. The ruling only affects those who have not converted to an ELD and hence are not complying with that rule exclusively.
NOTE: GET YOUR ELD! Terminals and Owner Operators (O/O) without ELD after December 18, 2017 will receive CSA Points for the violation and may be fined as well. The O/O will not be placed Out of Service until April 1, 2018. It is possible that Judges may initially be lenient but even appearing in Court (especially out-of-State) is very time consuming and impacts one’s ability to earn revenue. Hence, if an O/O does not have the device he/she better get one ASAP.

5. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has issued its final report
on the sinking of TOTE MARITIME ship the EL FARO. The report is very critical of the Ship’s Captain for not using up-to-date weather and not listening to his Mates. Further, the Company was blamed for unsafe practices. In addition the American Bureau of Shipping and the USCG were faulted for inadequate inspection procedures.

6. The Los Angeles City Council has requested the City Attorney submit a written report with options regarding how to mandate fair wages and working conditions for employees working for Companies operating on City of Los Angeles property. In essence, the City Council is seeking a way to ban Trucking Companies who use non-employee port drivers.
Bob Griffin

Robert E. (Bob) Griffin