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Transportations Happenings – August 14, 2017

The following “Transportation Happenings” occurred during the past week that you may find of interest.

  1. According to recent reports, Gulf Ports will benefit most by the opening of the new locks in the Panama Canal – at the expense of West Coast Ports.
  2. West Coast Port Workers have ratified their Contract extension until 2022, which could prompt East/Gulf Coast Workers to the table early for their own new agreement prior to the present contract’s expiration.
  3. There is a move to initiate an U. S. Flag East Coast Feeder Service between Port Newark and the Port of Miami.  It will also tie in to a new Feeder Service from Miami to Kingston, Cristobal and Freeport.
  4. Seaboard Marine has announced a second weekly service from Miami to Costa Rica.
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